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So Stephen Jones is calling for the prohibition of commissions for Risk Insurance ?
So Stephen Jones agrees with the completely irresponsible and unfounded statement from Kenneth Hayne ?
So Stephen Jones believes that eradicating commissions (Point 3) from Risk Insurance will in turn result in affordable advice for Australians ?
The removal of grandfathered commissions from super and pension products will actually have the effect of increasing the cost to the consumer......Stephen Jones.!!
Will Stephen Jones guarantee that Risk Insurance commissions will never be eradicated under a Labor Govt ?
Will Stephen Jones guarantee this as his comrade Bill Shorten guaranteed in 2011 that grandfathered commissions were a contractual right of the adviser after receiving legal advice from the Australian Govt Solicitor ?
Interestingly, after several repetitive attempts to secure copies of that very advice under the Freedom of Information Act, it has been refused to be released on numerous occasions sighting professional legal privilege.
The means that under no circumstances will Treasury provide the details of the advice Bill Shorten received in 2011
following an assessment of the Constitution and the problematic issue of removing the contractual rights and property of the adviser.
But hey, its now ok to proceed even though the Constitution hasn't changed.