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Yes, but do you know how many Ralph Lauren Polo (Polo) shirts are worn at Kooyong Tennis Club on a weekly basis ???
My God, no wonder Josh needed to cough up the cash old man...the dress code specifically states that all male members must wear a shirt with a collar and sleeves ( you just can't have a shirt with just a collar and no sleeves or a collarless shirt, but with sleeves ) has to be right, otherwise you could be asked to leave and the embarrassment that would cause among the clan would simply be awful...I mean, it's just not cricket old man (no, it's tennis ).
Anyway, sporting grants for polo's and starch in little Joshies patch is totally acceptable when you consider how relevant it is really is when compared to homelessness, education and family violence.
I mean, you just cant imagine the family atmosphere at home if mummy or daddy had been sent home from the club with a droopy collar or even worse, a polo without a logo !! ( nologopolo).!!