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Some brilliant comments about CHOICE from Peter White of FBAA recently...

“CHOICE is no longer a consumer advocacy group, but an activist group, and it is misleading Australians in subjects it knows nothing about. Activists with social and political agendas certainly have their place, but it is crucial they do not masquerade as legitimate and objective advisers."

Hear, hear! Peter was referring to CHOICE's ideology driven campaigning against mortgage broking, which is likely to make things worse, not better, for consumers in that arena. But his comments could equally apply in relation to financial planning. In fact the situation is far worse in financial planning as CHOICE activists have inveigled their way onto the Boards of FASEA and AFCA where they can use government power to impose their extreme ideology.

The government needs to recognise that groups like CHOICE are really political activists, rather than consumer advocates, and treat them accordingly.