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There has been a gross misuse of ideological bias stemming from within FASEA and from submissions presented to them from various opportunistic organisations.
This cannot and should never be acceptable in regard to an appointed body dealt with such important responsibility as designing and structuring a Code of Ethics for an entire industry. It is simply unethical.
This is comparative to several directors on a medical board designing a code of ethics for Doctors who have had a significant background with pharmaceutical companies and those very pharmaceutical companies providing submissions to that board for recommendations regarding how those Doctors should be acting and managing the treatment of their patients.
The secrecy regarding submissions and the interaction from the regulator that has now escalated to a point where subversion and cover up from FASEA is rapidly becoming suspected is leading to the overwhelming vote of no confidence in the process and with FASEA itself.
This has not worked and will not work until the Minister steps in and acts accordingly to place the process on hold until the important issues are correctly addressed.