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CFA = certified financial adviser ? Really ? I always thought that it meant Chartered Financial analyst. I expect the CFA boys and girls would be pretty upset that the FPA has taken this over and they sit alongside the CFPs. I’d suggest it is a typo. But the bigger issue is the FASEA pushback being exhibited by the old guard. Argue about the guidance all you like but the COE won’t be changed and that’s the thing we should be focussed on. Trying to manipulate the interpretation of the FASEA COE won’t help if in the future, you’re in court as a defendant. There’s plenty of material in the RGs and PSs issued by AS)C over the years. Documents many have basically ignored. There’s plenty of us that don’t have a problem with FASEA and have/are adjusting our business to accomodate this having worked out long ago that the old business model is dead.