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I wish them luck as they will need it. We have been trying since June 2019 to have them amend and correct records. Very difficult to find anyone with commonsense and to get tasks done. Once this happens clients will be left floundering. They are not all going to run to an industry fund. They will be left in limbo. We have totally exited financial advisory after 15 years and time to just move on. For a small business that battle was just too costly and too big. Like every battle we are a casualty. The political agenda is not clear and truthful so all facts can be considered. Just appears that the self employed are easy fodder to get smashed. I wish the self employed best of luck, you may just want to look over the fence in the AMP paddock to see how they are being treated. As they would be using similar consultants, similar legals and similar thoughts. You may just get an idea what is about to happen.