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Kelty is simply trying a diversion tactic now. Now that they have knocked out their main competition, the Big 4 banks (& bravo to the Union based Industry Funds(ISF's) for that. Pretty impressive move using taxpayers money to fund a Royal Commission that made it worse for consumers, good advisers, and competition).
Now that they have done that he realises that if we keep talking super we will eventually uncover the theft going on by Industry Funds with their brotherhood of Unionised Moneypots(Honeypots). I've been in this Industry for 21 years and can see that the Fees these Industry Funds charge are about 5 X TIMES what is required. Is a blatant ripoff, especially when you are given no choice of product. Here you are consumer, we are going to give you no choice of product, but we want a recurring 1% p.a. of your money. Maybe it's time that the Government and ASIC, & CHOICE really 'Compared the Pair'. Lets take a good look at this blatant consumer ripoff that slivered it's way past the Royal Commission & Mr Hayne. No wonder Kelty is so eager to change the subject.