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You cannot tell me that ASICk joke did not purposely distorted the figures. They have shown that they have a clear mandate to assist union funds to take greater if not all market share of superannuation in Australia.

They are either rotten and corrupted and been infiltrated by lefty loyalists who purposely fabricate information and mislead with intent, or else they are all completely and utterly inept and need to be fired.

The number of 'errors' or withheld information, or purposely misinterpreted data, or 'ran out of pages' when making submissions or small numbers used in data target sources or else targeting sources with known issues to skew results etc would be completely noncommercial in private business, would not be tolerated in courts of law or medicinal regulators but somehow these clowns act with impunity after all forms of blatant disregard for truth. WTAF Australia, are we that corrupted that our own governance watchdog has utterly been corrupted and no questions are asked?