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That is the most ridiculous and generalised comment I've ever heard. You can categorically say that ALL AMP Advisers cheated clients?? Ridiculous. As a matter of fact, most of the Advisers that caused all this are out of the industry already and far wealthier than any other contemporary Adviser who is doing the right thing. They weren't Advisers, they were glorified salesmen. And to the comment about unfairly slapping AMP with severe penalties, are you serious? AMP lied to ASIC multiple times and condoned the behaviour of poor advice for many years, as it was benefiting them directly. Now that they've been called out, they're throwing Advisers under the bus. If you're a disgruntled AMP shareholder, then perhaps you should get out now while you can still get $1.80 for the units you hold. AMP will be hurting a lot more in the near future. Absolute dogs who will get what they deserve. I feel for all AMP aligned Advisers. Hang in there guys and girls, don't let the fat cats push you around! Any reasonable human being who knows the FULL STORY (unlike David Reems), can see that what AMP is doing is unjust and unethical on so many fronts.