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"justifications AMP have provided for the changes to the BOLR policy, personally, I don’t find them at all compelling". Pretty simple. worth no where near they were. "ought to be tested by AMP Advisers in court" mean line pockets of lawyers..."Each Adviser’s legal position will depend on their own particular circumstances"..ok line more lawyers pockets. But a well written article nonetheless.
Anyhow, both parties should man up and take responsibility for their own parts and meet somewhere in the middle. Advisers cannot take a hands off approach...Why cant advisers just keep practicing? I mean if they are in their 60s and caught by bad timing, AMP should provide concessions, if they are in their 40s-50s, then they are just rats jumping ship aren't they? Did Advisers not plan their own financial future with enough risk mitigation? just curious how this messy situation will end up.