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Just more of the same from a subset of society that act like they are their own lord and saviour.

In somewhat related note, bank transfers with humorous or dodgy titles are now delaying mortgage and credit applications.

Finance pirates acting like the moral authority... what a fxcking joke.

All my transactions will be titled rimJOB, slickHit, cokeSUB, cockSlop, strippers, concreteSlippers, blood$$$, hitPay, deathNote etc going forward.

I hope this moral intrusion by bankers stalls lending until it crashes the realestate and domestic economy.

Who am I kidding, realestate is the domestic economy. Pull your collective head in fxckwits.

You idiots have about as much right to be morally or ethically judgemental as pedo catholic priests.

Toodleoo MutterFxclers