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It is my super
It is my money
It is my choice to have frequent flyer points
What right do financial planners have in limiting my benefits? Royal commission has proved you financial planners only work in your own interest. The frequent flyer points are a benefit to me which I get to use while financial planners do not want me to have frequent flyer points, reduce my super in fees and charges and go on holidays at my detriment. Remember it is my super and is my money not yours you greedy financial planner parasites. Thank you Australian Super for making your super to be rewarding to your members. Compare the pair. Australian Super member goes on holiday with family while member with other super fund is condemned to begging and dumpster diving as their super has been stolen by financial planner fees and charges while their financial planner goes to Europe on holiday. Shame on you financial planners. I will remember to buy some salt from my local supermarket to keep financial planner parasites away from my super!!!