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Yep I opened an account online, made a deposit and a month later earned 20,000 points...then I moved all super monies to my preferred super fund, using the new consolidation/ rollover laws. I did this for myself and partner. All up about 5-10 minutes work. A nice little trip to Sydney I received for this effort, thanks Aust Super. Funny how these are the same fund that states it's unethical to pay a commission to market & promote the super fund but you can pay frequent flyer points or put up some supporters in a box at a Melbourne Storm game. Only a matter of time before all super funds are doing this. Looking forward to my free toaster oven probably from Hesta next. Most likely in 5 years the advertising will be "we don't pay frequent flyer points or toaster ovens as all our profits go to members".....and this is a tax payer subsidized system. It's the future. Start offering those toaster ovens or you'll be extinct. Performance, customer service, who cares.