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This is all starting to make sense now.
Rainmaker originally provided Christopher Zinn with all the initial ten's of thousands of adviser details in order for him to input all this data directly into the initial Adviser Ratings site without requesting any authority whatsoever from any of the advisers as to whether they wanted to be included.
It was then an Opt-Out process if you wanted your details to be removed from the Adviser Ratings site.
It is understood there was a commercial transaction that took place for the access to the adviser information.
So, Adviser Ratings bought the information and then proceeded to use advisers details without authority to set up their business.
So, now Rainmaker owns Money magazine of which Paul Clitheroe is the Chairman.
Clitheroe is Chairman of Ecstra.
Ecstra is giving millions of dollars to entities such as Choice and other organisations that repeatedly attack financial advisers position and attempt to continuously undermine their valuable role.
Surprising, since Paul Clitheroe made much of his money from the provision of financial advice.
Has Ecstra provided any funding to Adviser Ratings ?
Peter Kell, previously from ASIC now appears to be involved at some level with Adviser Ratings.
Peter Kell previously headed up Choice.
And on and on and on it goes.
It would not be surprising for some to believe in conspiracy theories and how the game is being played from behind the scenes to subliminally undermine an industry by funding the opponents with tens of millions of corporate dollars.
There appears to be an obsessive movement driven by ideological agenda and masquerading as the consumer's best friend, but in reality could be funding their ideology through monies provided by the regulator who is of course obliged to be entirely impartial.