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Chairman of not for profit Ecstra is Paul Clitheroe.
Chairman of "for profit" Money magazine is Paul Clitheroe.
Educating the public and enhancing their financial capability could potentially result in an upswing in the subscriptions to Money magazine due to people wanting to know more about their finances.
Interestingly, in amongst the current debate regarding commissions and the evil they create, the Money Magazine website under the heading of "Partnerships" states the following.
" Money Magazine has partnered with Australian comparison website RateCity to help you find the credit card, personal loan, home loan or car loan that may best suit you....
By connecting you with RateCity, Money magazine may receive payment of a COMMISSION or other fees for these referrals."
As more is revealed in relation to the relationships and connections between organisations, individuals, arrangements, funding from the regulator, networks etc, the more questions need to be asked as to who is really in control of massive amounts of money and what is really the agenda behind the control of these funds.