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before you tell others what to do, please ensure you read all the comments first.

why don't you go and tell accountants to grow up. it is often them, not financial advisers, who think they are more qualified and give better advice. read some of their idiotic posts. i have only posted in defense.

in fact, the opposite is true, they aren't qualified and they give poor advice.

i will keep shouting it from roof tops, until they shut the hell up and stop telling me how well they are qualified. the data does not support their theory of how good they are. so their theory is wrong. the opposite is true. and the law says qualification as an accountant alone is insufficient to practice as a financial planner.

no amount of their lobbying is going to change the law. they will have to be licensed and educated like everybody who wants to practice as a fp

and no, it's not the constitution, it's not mabo It's the L.A.W. and, I rest my case.