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Just get hold of a current copy of the internal ca magazine acuity, or in the black of CPAA, and go to the very back end of them, and see how many members are regularly removed or breach the by-laws.

you will find it's a half a dozen or more from each body minimum each month.

know why you think it's hundreds of financial planners and not accountants that are the problem?

we get plastered on every newspaper in the country, and you guys get to quietly reprimand your members in private on the last page(s) of your internal magazine distributed to your members only, by subscription.

that's the difference between them and us !

go on, test it, I don't make anything up. Because, I am a fp, I know.

oh, and btw, you think you give great tax advice do you?

here is some actual fact for you, from afr article July 12, 2019, "ato to more carefully probe tax agent behavior...."

paragraph 9 top down, quoting deputy commissioner of ATO, Alison Lendon, "we are taking further steps to address the error rate in agent-prepared returns, which is currently higher than the error rate for self-prepared returns"