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What is the situation in relation to an unsolicited letter that introduces your business and the services it provides.?
Are you then allowed to follow up that letter with a phone call to firstly confirm if the letter has been received and secondly to ascertain if they may be interested in the services your business may provide ?
Or, can you send the unsolicited letter and then not be allowed to contact the recipient to discuss any matters at all as you must wait until they contact you?
This is not a request to sell anything.
It's a promotion of your services.
So, if the recipient of the letter had not contacted your business first and requested information or a meeting, where does that leave the ability for the financial services business to market itself to its target market ?
Law firms constantly place NO WIN NO PAY compensation ads on all forms of media opening with a line like
" have you recently been in an accident or lost your job through injury"
Is this ok for Law firms to do this but not financial services businesses ?
This is blatantly the law firm selling their services but its not ok for a financial services business to market to a potential client.?
If so, this has just got a whole lot more crazier than I have ever would have imagined.