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ASIC has had been dishonest and engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct by doing this.
James Shipton should be dismissed as the senior person at ASIC who ran out paper and didn't ask for more, knowing that what was written was incomplete.
Not dissimilar to ASIC withholding evidence at the Royal Commision that several Dover advisers had been inspected by ASIC and given a clean bill of health only for them to be hung out to dry at the Royal Commission saying they were poor planners.
Not unlike the LIF reports that were very selective and changed the Industry.
Come on, you expect more of us . We expect more of you.
Life is not meant to be fair but when your senior ASIC people betray trust what sort of example is that.
Shippo go and have a coffee with banks or Industry Super and give them your regime while your their. Your work is nearly done.