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I'd take a guaranteed 2.5 times any day of the week. I've got absolutely No g'tee and I've got no certainty and the Government could change the rules at any point on my business model. My entire client base could leave tomorrow. What other businesses get a guaranteed 4 times BOLR. What other businesses have business costs and licensing so heavily subsidized. How many other businesses have such a gravy train of clients? How is it that I'm competing with an AMP firm that can get away with showing no relationship with AMP, disclose that their affiliated with AMP via a small print on page 10 of a website and yet I compete with that. Just remember the APL is AMP and another company based on who pays them the highest fee year after year, and with that relationship AMP advisers think they're independent. AMP advisers have had it pretty good and if you live in that environment expect Government changes. Personally, Yes I'm sorry to hear about this major impact but you haven't had it too bad and most AMP advisers have a heavily subsidized future with AMP and a guaranteed buyout at the end still. Whilst I have nothing.