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Brett H, you seem to be a little inexperienced and in your mind it seems you have a good arguement and believe you would be acting in the best interest of the client but you are wrong. Someone in AMP FLS with say $200,000 an Adviser would be receiving around 880 pa. Seems like a reasonable fee but if that client is moved to say FS and the same fee charged, the world seems great. However Brett, that is very simplistic and in my world, you have just provided advice without an SOA and your banned. Additionally, if you do an SOA it will cost a good $1,000 plus implementation. For what benefit? If the client is in retirement phase? You are aware of the changes that were made to how they are assessed for age pension on 1-1-2015 I hope? Buy sell cost? And the clincher, it is not economic to maintain an ongoing relationship under FOFA for $880pa so the fees would need to increase in cases so really, it is not in the clients best interest to move. And i think that was the point of FOFA introduced by Labor. No surprise that the Industry Funds are experiencing massive inflows of cash. No surprise that Industry Funds charge all members for Intra Fund advice but do not provide it to every member let alone yearly. No surprise Intra Fund advice does not require bid. No surprise ASIC has never investigated Industry Super? Perhaps you should investigate the reality and not the tag line. I hope you are more careful if you are actually advising clients as you are responsible for your recommendations - regulators, Treasury officials and Politicians are not directly responsible or personally liable - but they all want media coverage.