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Hedware( and all the other silly billy's out there),I've been reading your drivel for some months without comment. You are a fool who obviously has very little understanding about the history of the Financial Advice industry and your naivity is obvious.There are a great many dedicated financial advisers who built strong business's with very loyal and grateful clients because they had their client's best interest foremost at heart. You need to learn to appreciate they did not have a lot of control or say about the remuneration system at the time. As governments and regulators continued to change the rules, there were also many times when it was definitely NOT in the best interest of clients to change existing arrangements as much as it may have been desirable to do so ( ie: because of health or tax issues, etc .) There are a great many Australians who are going to find it extremely difficult to negotiate the financial complexities of life because of the current vendetta against experienced and very qualified Financial Advisers. God help them if inexperienced idiots and ideologists are all that's left to support them.