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"if the FPA get around to recognizing that masters are a higher qualification"

who are the FPA ? that we need their permission or recognition. i have a masters degree, and i don't consider the CFP anywhere near as good as my qualification. Masters IS a far superior Qualification. a cfp holder is not as well qualified as I am.

and the statutory authority regulating the education framework for financial advisers agrees with me.

the statutory authority, The Financial Advisers Standards and Ethics Authority says the following:

a. Master of Financial Planning - Approved Degree (subject to it being on the register of FASEA as an approved degree) (mine is)

b. CFP = 2 RPL no AQF, need to do more study up to 6 more units and obtain a grad dip

c. ADFP = 2 RPL at AQF 6

so the CFP is not AQF 8, but equivalent to an AQF 6 i.e an advanced diploma. this has been done to death. no more. CFP is equal to an Advanced Diploma only. Period.