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you are absolutely right in that the only people who value designations are those who have them. the public don't care.

and, the proliferation of designations means it is less and less meaningful each passing year. There are over 200 designations in finance alone, how does a lay person meant to know them all.

as for the associations, they are only interested in Self aggrandizement. they don't care for their members. ask any CPA Australia member

the CPAA got dragged through a massive public ordeal and were plastered all over the place for their governance failures, over 1,500 members protested. set up a website and raised money for legal action (which ultimately failed).

subsequently the CPAA undertook a review, no action recommended, all aok, ex- CEO left with a nearly $5m golden handshake.

members still angry, and we are meant to take governance lessons from them.