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Do your research Hedware. Superannuation is not all about Investments and Returns. There is this huge component called Insurance. Colonial First State have a non lapsing binding nomination and pay a deceased member's super and death benefits to the nomination and if no nomination pay to the Will. If a beneficiary is no longer dependent then the portion which was to be paid to that beneficiary is paid to the Will unlike Industry Funds who pay to whoever the Trustee seems to think should benefit no matter who is nominated. AMP have a benefactor form and pay to that nomination. It seems only Industry Funds feel the need to intervene in the deceased wishes. This is an area where Industry Funds must improve and advise their members that the option chosen leaves them open to their wishes not being carried out in the event of death. When my son started work there was only one option with REST, a non binding nomination. REST is the fund I have had first hand experience with in this regard and to have to deal with all of this at the time of burying your child is unbelievably hard and gut wrenching. Military Funds do the same as Industry Funds. Problem is SIS Legislation is open to interpretation and needs to be scrapped and started again. While you can talk about Returns and Investment categories this Insurance Cover is a huge part of the Superannuation Industry and not talked about at all. It has to change. Superannuation must be made part of your Estate and can only be challenged by a long term partner (and not just 2 years) and/or if children are involved. Some of the outcomes, according to a QC our solicitor spoke to, would be harder to prove if it had gone to court and yet a Trustee can determine a person can be financially dependent and be paid huge amounts of money (in the hundreds of thousands) when there was no marriage, no engagement, no formal recognition of a relationship, no children biological or step, no shared lease or mortgage, no shared bills, had no furniture in the house and was being paid Centrelink. All of this when the young man involved had Muscular Dystrophy and although a low income worker managed his money and didn't need any help with his personal needs and did his own housework and died mowing his lawn. REST never said that they had brought out a new option, a binding nomination. However, for this to be honoured by the Trustee the beneficiary must be dependent and the nomination not lapsed or again, the Trustee decides. Don't ever tell me Hedware that Industry Superannuation doesn't need change. Superannuation will be the biggest and probably the only asset of the generation working now. For it not to be part of an Estate is ludicrous. All parents beware. What happened to our family can happen to you. There was no back story here. We have to stand together and have Superannuation changed. Don't bother to reply Hedware, you are frustrating and at best and Industry Fund plant.