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People get much more satisfaction if the funds in which they have invested as doing well. They are not making their level of satisfaction on funds letterhead.
I am confused about this continual hang-up on intra-fund advice via industry funds posted here by many posters. (I have to say that I don't know the nitty gritty on industry funds intra-fund advice as I don't have any interest in industry funds.)
Today I attended a briefing by a large for-profit fund and was briefed about its offerings, settings, etc in a manner that could be easily construed as intra-fund advice. I asked a financial advisor colleague at the seminar if she thought it was intra-fund advice and she said yes and confirmed that it was basically similar to that handed out by industry funds except this one had coffee and biscuits. Now I also get this sort of information directly from various for-profit funds.

Seems to me that posters here complaining about intra-fund advice within industry funds are overlooking the same practice in retail funds.
Your list is a good one and financial advisors and accountants provide many more services particularly at changes of legislation and regulations. I dont think funds of whatever colour should be doing the work of financial advisors. How many times do we here of people having all their money in the one fund, investment, bank, etc and so very exposed to collapse, liquidation, corruption, market conditions, etc.
So restrict intra-fund advice to the basics and encourage people to use independent financial advisors.