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A very good point Dr Suess. However so is or was his predecessor, Deen Sanders. Look now at his profile on Deloitte's website and his OAM follows his name, but not his CFP designation. Possibly a great question to put to Mr De Gori by Money Management? If the CFP certification is so valuable, why doesn't Mr Sanders promote himself as being one? He has done a great job of self-promotion and income making opportunities in FASEA and Education since ceasing having his salary paid by us at the FPA.

If we can trust the CFP brand, I'm certain both of these gentlemen met the following requirement direct from the CFP Certification Brochure 2019.

"A minimum of one year
full time or equivalent
part time direct client
facing experience. You
must also be authorised
to give financial planning
product advice for a
minimum of 12 months"