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When the ISA funds rebate all commission payments for selling insurance to every single member if they need it or not, and no longer get paid on the amount of successful claims, ( claims experience volume payments) then they can come back to us. I have made this point again to my local member again today. The point is these funds are incentivised via many self interested motivations, the amount of FUM they hold, the member fees themselves and clipping the ticket on the investments as well as taking commission and these other volume related payments ( advisers get paid the same commission on insurance so they can choose whoever suits the clients best for their insurances) . They are incentivised to leave people in their funds ( advisers can move clients as they see fit, they charge a ASF that can be moved with products if needed) they are incentivised to use members money to pay financial planners to provide BIAS advice on one product only, and only to those that seek that advice out, they CROSS subsidise members fee money to pay their in house planners. ( Advisers need to get a agreement to charge fees to every single client, show what services have been offered and provided, then opt into these fees bi annually. ) This is so far out of whack we are on different planets... this is a joke!