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Accounting is a trade, not a profession.

The term 'accountant' is not protected by law and anyone can use the term (it would be protected if it was valued by the community). There are zero education, ethics and experience requirements when using the term 'Accountant'.

If you instead want to use an actual protected term (under law), such as 'qualified accountant' or 'registered tax agent', both of these terms have a minimum education pathway of a DIPLOMA. What a joke! This 'trade' is a product of bureaucracy (mandated tax returns).

Labor wouldn't have proposed a cap on accounting deductions if this was an ethical trade. Instead these 'tradesman' cannot be trusted, often bloating the Federal Budget with dodgy deductions. Just last week, another 'dodgy accountant' was banned for having clients claim their household pet as a guard dog!

Accounting needs to undergo a FASEA type reform (mandating certain minimum requirements for all - not just those who choose join a particular lobby group). It is also time to remove the DIPLOMA minimum education pathway to become a 'qualified accountant' or 'registered tax agent'. As it currently stands, accounting has the lowest education entry requirements of all 'white collar jobs'.