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OK he didn’t need to name call but to ignore the point is your loss. In fact it is more than just the revenue stream they are after, it is the control of the exponential growth of trillions that will be under their trust and the manipulation on the economy that is allowed by that control. Then there is also the replication of the banking system that this control and access to such funds allows which then flows into the control of capital creation and money printing. You only have to look at the coordinated attack on mortgage brokers via advocacy groups and the RC. The attack on mortgage brokers is actually an attack on smaller lenders and new fintechs to clear them out of the way for ISN to fill any gaps created. A lot has been said about how successful the recent mortgage brokers campaign has been to gain some ground back - the reality is the push back only gained traction when the smaller lenders got involved behind the scenes. ISN and friends are making their Fabian strike now as it is their best opportunity before the tech giants come in with AI and the likes of Vanguard come in with a next to zero fee Super account.