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David, Micheal, and others that you post under, this is my last comment on this. This is a FP based website, I know for a fact there are many accountancy sites that pay out planners, thats fine, but I dont get on there and start fights with them. Ill tell you one thing for free , you guys are being hunted by asic, this carve out you once had, its gone. You need to be FASEA qualified soon to offer advice end of story. This means all you guys will need to do at least 4 bridging courses and sit the exam like the rest of us. I do really wish you all the best with SAN, I think its a massive target waiting to be audited by asic, just my opinion. If they do audit it and look at every scrap of paper and every interaction you have with clients, you better make sure you have your butt covered. I once read a story about 3 brothers that fought, the old man said listen break this one twig, they did. Then he said break these 3 twigs together, they could not break that. Its the same as us, we need to work together, taxation and financial planning are hand in hand. Once we all realise this and stop the fighting the better of all of us will be especially the clients. Give the clients the best of both worlds, this is the way forward for both of our professions.