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Comrade I 100% agree with your comments. The 'Rivers of Gold' report talk about exactly this move by Unions, Labor and ISA as a concerted attack on every other super provider including SMSF's so that the Unions get control of a multi-billion dollar industry. They literally have hundreds of millions of dollars revenue on the line here and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it any way they can.

Aside from Keating cleverly inserting unions where they had no right to be, in super, Labor's next finest achievement was making key appointments within ASIC in the form of Medcraft the incompetent fool, and Kell the vicious FP nemesis who orchestrated the corrupt culture we see today. Where else in the world would you see the ISA in charge of billions of super wealth never once being investigated by the governing regulator, despite tens of millions of annual fees/commissions and 'indirect member fees' paid out to union reps for 'consulting' not to mention blatantly political advertising from super revenue and not for the sole interest of member benefit?