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A great factually correct comment Bobby. I was not running down accountants who have a diploma and not a degree. In fact one of the accountants that I know who has a diploma is an excellent accountant with a lot of experience. My previous comments where aimed at the grubs who were claiming that accountants are superior because they all have a degree and that all financial planners are dumb because they only have a two day or two week diploma. Their comments are factually incorrect and slanderous and really just abhorrent. They need to ask themselves what is their own motivation for being so malevolent towards financial planners because it is not right to engage in destructive criticism. Many financial planners are losing everything they have worked for as a result of the RC's recommendations and ASIC's aggressive actions. As a result, suicides are occurring, although I suspect that will make the malevolent grubs in this forum happy. Maybe that is their objective, to push some planners over the edge.

Yes there have been and definitely still will be unethical financial planners but the accounting profession has the same problem. In fact there is a statistically significant proportion of the community with psychopathic traits so unethical people will exist in every occupation. Financial planners have copped an unfair amount of abuse which has mostly been driven by the unions as a marketing strategy so that industry super funds can gain control of Australia's superannuation savings. Accountants should be smart enough to understand what is really going on and stop attacking financial planners. You need to watch your own back because the unions are coming after accountants now. Their current focus is to make SMSF's an unviable option and that means accountants are in the union crosshair.