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There are grandfathered members of the IPA with a diploma of accounting and not a degree. I know some of these accountants. Also your BS about a two day or two week diploma for a financial planner is an outright lie. That story was put forward by a Journalist several years ago. He completed his FP diploma in two weeks but he was given unit exemptions due to the fact that he already had a finance degree. I received unit exemptions on my business degree because I held a diploma in financial planning so I guess on your logic my accounting degree is invalid because I completed it in a shorter period of time due to the exemptions. I am sick of this slander against financial planners. But if you are an accountant shouldn't you be concerned that Shorten is now calling accountants dudders and rorters. The paid socialist trolls will now be filling accounting news websites with demonizing rhetoric against accountants to trash the legitimacy of the accounting profession in the eyes of the public. I suggest that you should go and fight against that rather than spending your time trashing financial planners.