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Are you on drugs???? " I never see ASIC on a mission to stop these dodgy planners. " Your perception of reality is bizarre. Up until now ASIC has been relentlessly persecuting financial planners. If you want to understand what is really happening you only need to take note of Garry Weaven's comment back in 2013 after Labor passed the FOFA legislation. Weaven said after FOFA was implemented "Now that they have taken care of financial planners our next target is self managed super funds." It's the unions who are driving the attack on accountants recommending SMSF's. It's not the banks, they are divesting their wealth businesses. Financial planning has been destroyed and the next target is accountants. The unions want to control all of Australia's superannuation money because it gives them control of the majority of the means of production and therefore, a strangle hold on the nation from which they will force through their socialist agenda.