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i hear you and the FPA is frustrating irrelevant. They called me today and i shared with them how bad things were and including my health and that of others. they seemed surprised we had issues.......pause..... what world are they living in and that the lady hadnt heard these problems before. I explained a lot and spoke about their value offering going forward. that i am the customer and have paid their fees over 25 years. I want to bring to them the concept of BID to us. i spoke about the new fees going forward and that I havent been able to value any of them but Im forced to pay over $1000 a year to display my CFP behind my bedroom door (its lost any value apparently). So i offerred in moving forward that they must fall into line with their value offering and $50 a year for retaining my certificate was fair value I decided for my next 12 months. I am happy to continue membership but not happy to pay for values that are not relevant to me. I feel they dont understand...they best get lean and mean to offer value to those who can pay. they must adapt.