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This highlights why we should have a 3rd category: product sale.

General advice is a very useful tool for advisers because it provides a mechanism to be helpful without having to engage a client for the full process. This suits clients who might not be able to afford personal advice or those not ready for it and it allows us to do some good by helping people with the basics.

However the overwhelming volume of general advice is not advice at all, it's a product sale.

So here is my pitch: a new catagory with a new disclosure.

Product sale: information provided to you does not take into account your personal circumstances and the objective of this communication is to sell you a product. The information provided may include strategies or explainations of the product that assist you to make use of the products features or benefits. This information may apply to other products or services. The representative has no obligation to look after your interests and will be paid by the product provider.