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A lot of stabs in the dark there, DA. All of them wrong.

Eventually you'll realise that we are trying to move to a profession and as far away from how the industry was 30+ years ago. Thing evolve, back then was purely was sales, this is advice. Some people perhaps intend on being in the industry longer than you do as not everyone has been able to ride the gravy train that has been financial planning for 30 years pre-FOFA.

If you do not service clients, you have no morale right to be paid. If you service these commission paying clients, you'll have no issue with getting them to pay a fee in your next meeting with them, especially if this commission is rebated back to them as proposed by the FPA. I dont pay a retainer to my doctor, dentist, chiro etc, I pay them when they provide me with a service. We should be no different and until we operate like this, we are going to keep being perceived as nothing but salesman.

The only advisers who would 'suffer' here are those that know in the back of their mind they are about to lose a huge revenue stream as they haven't been actually servicing these clients so they wont pay a fee. That's not everyone else's fault.

If you properly service these clients, my comment is not directed to you. Its directed at the 'advisers' we all know that have thousands of clients each they could never service if they tried.