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You have to remember most FPA members are like that dirty brown ring around the bathtub after the water runs out.

Their members (AMP/CBA/NAB) have already been hauled before the Royal Commission and other members are just complicit in this behavior for saying nothing and there happy to have these members in their midst. Remember also that most members are forced to join the FPA by their employer such as the CBA as part of the great CBA advice scam of 2017 and the deal that was made in return for the FPA's silence. The majority of their members have their fees paid for them by products and platforms & they don't even make a decision to's paid automatically.

You'll recall that FASEA rightly punished them and gave them only 2 Credits for their CFP course. Working in this collective it's no wonder that the CEO thinks commissions lead to poor behaviour. It's no wonder the CEO thinks this way as after all the FPA is a collective of people with low morals, they love Government Intervention, they love red tape, they excluding Australians from advice and they just don't care about their industry. They just sit back and expect a product provider will do things for them, that not what a profession is about and FPA members would have to be the least professional of all.