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No Ian, it is true.
Between the 2013-2014 and the 2016-2017 financial years, industry funds ploughed a total of $18,438,516 directly into Trade Unions coffers.
The Rivers of Gold Report by the Institute of Public Affairs in 2017 identified the following:
Then Australian Super Director, Brian Daley donated his Directors fees to the Labor Party entity, United Voice.
These amounts are listed as 2014-15 $122,659, 2015-16 $128,800 and 2016-17 $134,689, totaling an amount of $386,148.
United Voice alone received a total of Industry Fund Directors Fees of $2,386,164 in this time frame, with the CFMEU receiving $2,884,168 and the ACTU receiving $2,050,363.
If this is not a major cause for concern, then what the hell is ?????
If there are millions and millions of dollars flowing from Industry Super to the Labor Party entities, it is for a reason.
The reason is that if or when Labor gains political power, the debt will be repaid many,many times over.
This is about about buying power and control.
The Industry Super funds cover themselves by stating they are not using members monies to donate to Labor Party entities, but it is a voluntary election from the Director to donate their fees.
How are the Directors Fees funded ????..........from the members monies.
The relationship between Industry Super, The Labor Party and the Trade Union movement is about as close as it can possibly be and they are working in unison to transfer power,money and eventually legislation to benefit each entity's
financial well being and survival.
The Sole Purpose Test?........not likely.