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What has just had a baby got to do with mortgage commissions? stick to the topic please.

You started with "....same conflict regardless of which product...". What exactly is the MASSIVE conflict here, the client needs insurance, you get paid the same no mater who you recommend, you give inappropriate advice (too much or too little) you get sued, sanctioned or in front of tribunal. You seek to get the best rated policies for the cheapest price and tax structured in the most beneficial way. Can't see any client interest here!

No more commissions on cars, houses, general sales - epitome of evil the lot. Wealth is completely different and rightly should be commission free but risk is not. It's a complex and difficult, unless you think it's like getting a green slip?

your quote "...interested in making things better for our clients we would lobbying ...." like they reduced premiums when stage one LIF came in, they rose 10-12% in the next year. Good luck with your campaign!! We'll get rid of commissions and the life offices will keep the lot. You from neverneverland?

Again you "...rebate the commission to pay the fee.." what's the difference in this series of transactions if the rebated fee gets paid to the advisers? Logic you claim?

Yet again "....can't afford $2,000 to pay for mortgage broking.." the question wasn't could you afford? It was "would you pay?" Resounding answer from Joe public is no. So they all trudge off the bank, get slugged with higher fees and higher interest rate margins as lender competition will collapse. Are you sure you are for the client or are you a stooge for the banks and like offices?

The RC showed us that the Commissioner doesn't understand the private advice industry at all. Yes the banks know how to ream people, industry funds are immune from criticism and understanding what is really happening from some beak who's never spent a day of his life in a real advisers office. Just confirmed what we already know, most in the LAW have no no concept of the real word.

RC into Gyms - fee for no sweat. RC into pay TV - fee for not watching. RC into the internet - fee for not using it. Seriously. What nanny state do you advocate???

I'd like to see an RC into lack of personal responsibility and ignorant idealists who don't get the damage they do until it's too late.