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Nice motherhood statements, thanks for that. Now for some reality. Answer this very simply question. How does removing commissions help clients? We have already seen that the reduction in upfront commissions has been pocketed by the insurers at the same time they increased insurance premiums. A clear middle finger to clients, ASIC, the Government, advisers etc . The insurers think they are untouchable. Are you so naive that a lobbying effort will get insurers to reduce their premiums? Thanks for the Friday funny.
Also stop using the RC as an excuse for the removal of commissions. The only time this showed an adverse outcome for clients was high pressure selling direct insurers, paying call centre people in place of advisers. The Zurich study shows clients won't pay a fee, even at a level where adviser lose money to give, document and implement the advice. Yet you say that's the advisers fault and the clients should just pay the ever increasing cost in providing advice? I disagree, you most certainly do come from an illogical world.