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The future of risk will be consumers direct to life companies, maybe with a referral fee paid to us for the needs analysis. I'm astounded at the difference in underwriting requirements when clients go direct to TAL versus coming through me. One of my golfing mates is way too short for his weight, BMI is around 38-40 at a guess, other than that fairly healthy I guess. I asked my BDM for a pre-assessment, unsurprisingly he was loaded. He applied online through TAL, they organised the medicals and he got through at standard rates. Amazing what client outcomes can be achieved when the life company can keep 100% of the premium.

Meanwhile I just ran quotes for a 52 y/o non-smoking bookkeeper on $60k a year- $850k life TPD own occ, IP and $200k Trauma, $780 per month is the best I can find! Absurd, who would pay that? We've basically thrown insurance work in the bin.