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It feels like APRA might be heading in the right direction here. As a no interest in super safety net approach for some members i'd be happy for APRA to go with their 10 best funds list if they are doing the research correctly and measuring on standard risk adjusted basis.
Also include a statement around the owner of the fund so clients can make a decision based on who they want to support. (This fund is owned / pays benefits to ABC Bank or XYZ Union)
Finally, all licensed advisers should be able to use any of those top 10 funds to provide simple strategic retirement planning advice. Client, you should reduce your current living costs to $x and put $y into your super or pay off debt and you should be able to retire at your planned age on your planned income.
ASIC / Money Smart could provide the tools and calculators / template for advisers to use and a copy of the advice is emailed directly to the client, the adviser, the fund, the licensee and ASIC.
And to be in the top 10 list the fund should allow 1 off fee deductions for advice.