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Not too much to ask for?
Hedware, it is a very simple process to get retail funds to perform as well as an Industry Fund (which is I believe your comment "retail funds and I would like them to perform better, at a lower cost and with due integrity". All retain needs to do is de-list property and infrastructure in their portfolio, value it yearly and value it well (just enough to beat the competition which have visible listed assets) reclassify a property and infrastructure as a growth asset (just enough to confuse PCC, ASIC (and Treasury who should know better) and presto, you have a BALANCED investment option that can not fail - until it fails and it will. There is a term for this type of investment scheme as they have been tried before. Do you know what this term is? Why would profession Advisers put clients in this situation? You seem to be all for it and I wonder (I now think your in Treasury) what qualifications do you actually have?

All this has been explained to you many time by many people in this and other forums yet you simply do not see what is happening around you, you offer no sensible debate but your wealth of knowledge for motherhood statements is still to this day impressive.