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Hardware, this "lot" have learnt that there are two rules - one for the Industry Fund who rollover retail clients super to the Industry Fund under the nose of inter fund advice, paid for by charging every single member no matter how old, wealthy or poor, so that there is plenty of money to pay for heaps of staff to sit around waiting for a few members to call asking for "advice". If that is not a commission and fee for service then Hedware what is it? Industry Fund then extend their generosity to struggling every single new member (victim) insurance no matter their age financial situation, or personal situation - and charge them for advice (INTERFUND) which they must call to receive or cancel insurance. The latest misleading term is flat premium - how does that sit with fair and honest.
HEDWARE, you and you like have ripped off members for too long - time to turn the light back on you - but will you have the courage to t as key responsibility?