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Of course Maurice Blackburn love the removal of insurance commissions. When there are no advisers left to set up proper insurance policies tailored to a situation, clients will be left with the JUNK policies sold directly by the sales rep of the insurer to the customer. Or they will be left with the expensive and horrendus default cover offered by their industry super fund. The custoer will only realise that their policy isnt worth anything when they come to claim and the insurer will make it hard for the client to claim and them Maurice Blackburn can stroll in (on the no win no fee scam) fill in some paperwork and settle out of court for a fraction of the benefit amount, all whilst taking 30% of the total benefit.

These lawyers are so self serving, the must really hate the little people. How can anyone who works for Maurice Blackburn sleep at night? Probably on the waterbeds filled with the tears of the clients lives they have destroyed.