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By your comments you truly illustrate what parasites financial planners are. Thieves from cradle to grave.
Like a leach you thought it was your right to steal my retirement savings. Lying and stealing by deception. I guess hangon your clients are happy as you deceive them with lies and do not provide them annual fee disclosures so they are not the wiser until they want to redeem when you will blame markets and everything under the sun so they are unaware how you have been robbing them blind. Hangon you may say I am a scarecrow and level all insults under the sun but this does not change the fact you are a lying , thieving parasite also known in the australian community as a financial planner of no value. As a scarecrow I provide some goods and save crops unlike a financial planner which have no positive impact
KC with your good news stories they are very few and far between. Why dont you bring up the thousands of innocent australians whom trusted financial planners whom made clients invest in various double gearing investment schemes only to loose everything thanks to the advice of a financial planner. Not much of a good news story KC when people have lost their homes, livilihoods and unfortunately in some cases their lives and being charged a fee for this privilege while the planner has acted in their own best interest at their clients detriment to enrichen themselves
Ten, I am not an accoutant. I work for a living not steal and misappropriate other peoples monies like a financial planner. Financial planning a licence to steal and deceive. Your time is coming to an end and light has been shone on financial planning and the evil of financial planners
There is a special place in hell for financial planners. There is a lot of victims waiting for payback in the afterlife. Live it up Financial Planners because you have nothing but an eternity in hell for your crimes on this earth.
Hopefully Labour will win the next federal election and they will be able to save the consumer from the evil, deceptive conduct of financial planners. May financial planners be litigated to bankruptcy and confined to the dustbin of history. Do your finances a favour and ditch your financial planner your family and retirement savings will thank you. Thanks to Hayne review the light has been shone on financial planners and like cockroaches they are scurrying all other the place with deception and this is most evident by financial planners comments on moneymanagement. No matter what comments financial planners may post it does not change the fact financial planners are a thieving, stealing. parasite, act in self interested self righteous disease on the australian financial landscape.