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I agree with all comments above (if its where i intended it to be left) At 56 and with 30 years owning the business and a CFP with no compmaplaints history and a excellent unblemished audit trail, I cant see the need to put my life through such trauma of balancing a young family, working and serving my clients and going back to Uni. In fact I am over it. The poor media reporting, shows like current affairs and four corners have misrepresented the industry and pushed damage to every adviser. To see and hear some of the comments does wear us down and too many of my colleagues are suffering to various levels and many are likely to exit for various reasons including those of health sadly. They say you cant argue with a drunk or a idiot but the media have created far to many.

My integrity and ethics were set in my upbringing and no amount of degrees or practicing to be honest is going to change things. If people ar like that then thy will find a way. I have many examples where i changed the system, put new templates out to be taken up by the dealer group, gone against the old CAR disclosure statements where our first duty was to be inserted as that to the life company or dealer group, but Id insert "the client" dispite audits trying to coach me and falling by the wayside as I did not join this industry to make the dealer group rich, nor me. If you do the right things right and always focus on value and benefits for the client, then you will always be rewarded. This business direction from the RC now challenges my integrity and Ill have none of that.