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Reasonable point, but I'm not sure anyone is saying that the problems shouldn't be fixed. What many in the industry are saying is the problems shouldn't be misrepresented as much more widespread than they actually are. Unfortunately with the decline in media standards in recent years, particularly at the former quality end occupied by ABC & Fairfax, this is what has happened.

To use your aircraft analogy, if consumers were misled by the media into believing that crashes occurred far more often than they actually do, they are more likely to avoid aircraft travel and use other methods such as road transport instead. Not only is road transport slower and less efficient, it has a much higher accident rate. Consumers would be much worse off.

This is what's happening with financial planning. Due to media exaggeration and hysteria, fewer consumers are now benefitting from good quality financial strategies and products. More are being sucked into speculative scams and dodgy direct products. Many are choosing to just do nothing, and are wasting valuable time and opportunities to improve their financial situation.